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What are person-centered values and how are they important?

Explain what person-centered values are and its importance in the society

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When one practices person-centered values, it shows that you care and support other people. Carl Rogers is credited with having developed the person-centered values theory. Under the theory, humans have an innate tendency to look for satisfaction in their personal capacity. The personal potentials that each seeks to fulfill include sociability, and the wish to know and be known by others.  The theory also covers being trustworthy, experienced, and curious among others.

The way we think and react, whether knowingly or not, is shaped by some values. These values include the beliefs and ideas about how humans should behave. These values are developed in our childhood, families, cultural background, and religions among others. Therefore, our values are determined by our surroundings.

Person-centered care refers to a method of caring in which there is more emphasis on providing care to an individual and not their health needs. Given that we are unique, we need individual care and support. If two people are suffering from the same disease, medical practitioners should not provide them with the same care and support. The care and support provided should be personalized. Different people have different values. Consequently, the value that one person may feel is important may be different from what the other person is feeling is important in his life.

When providing an individual with the best service, it is important to consider their values. This leads to empowerment, increased self-determination, and improved independence of the person. The values that should be considered are their individuality, rights, and privacy among others. Every daily care provided should always consider the individual.

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Person-centered values mean that the people we support should be enhanced to be included and actively involved in every aspect of the care and support. They should be able to define, what is best for them and demand it from carers. Thus their needs, assessments and care practices will be the most relevant and pleasant.

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