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What is the difference between production management and operations Management

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updated 1 year ago

Operations management is about supervision, planning, and designing of business operations in the field of manufacturing of goods and services. Its purpose is to ensure that the operations of a business are efficient, effective, and result in minimum wastage. Operations management is to cut down resources involved in operations while making operations efficient and productive. Operations management is more concerned about process than people or products.

Production management, as is evident from its name, is focused on the production of goods and services. Its main concentration is upon churning output from input. This immense sum of activities results in turning raw material into a finished product. Production management is about planning, controlling, inventory management and operations control. It includes all management activities spanning selection, like designing, operating, monitoring and updating production system.

updated 1 year ago

It is important to note that both, production and operations management play a significant role in the organization and increasing efficiency and productivity. Still, they differ. Operations management is concentrated on administration, planning, and execution of operations involved in the production of goods and services. It tries to minimize the resources, but increase the output. Production management is all about input/output and designing products in a desired shape and form.

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