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Running head: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES Operations management techniques Insert name Insert Insert 24 May 2011 Outline Introduction Operations management The techniques of operations management The application of OM techniques in meeting customer’s needs and targets achievement Conclusion Operations management techniques Introduction Operations management techniques are vital in meeting organizational consumer needs, as well as meeting of organizational set goals…
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Operations management techniques
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Download file to see previous pages Operations managers in this sector need to be very enthusiastic in application of the best operations techniques in order to meet the organizational goals. This requires an emphasis on the type of product to consumers, the required production processes, as well as the demand for the organization’s products and services (Scribd, 2011). The discussion in this paper aims at evaluating the usefulness of application of operations management techniques in meeting customer’s needs, as well as the achievement of organizational objectives. Operations management Operations management entails utilizing and overseeing the accomplishment of vital processes that help in making the ultimate consumable products in an organization. The operations are those processes that are involved in the conversion of inputs into outputs within a sound organization. They range from manufacturing, serving, training, and distribution of goods and services within a hotel, which is a food supplies industry. The rationale of the operations management is the careful monitoring of production’s activities, with the aim of producing quality products and distributing them appropriately. The overall major activities involved are those that entail the creation of products, development of new products and methodologies, as well as the ample distribution activities (Mukherjee. and Kachwala, 2009). Careful implementation of the reinstated activities is considered vital in the achievement of goals within the hotel sector. Therefore, the analysis of the internal hotel procedures and the substantial measurement are the two crucial factors of operations management. Significantly, the operations management in a hotel is accounted by the nature of their services and products, the operational scope, as well as the ultimate goals to be achieved. The operations managers in a hotel are ones that are charged with the responsibility of overseeing production and distribution activities. Moreover, the achievement of the operations services and activities is done via utilization of vital techniques, specific for each technical requirement (Kamauff, 2009). Operations management techniques The operations management techniques entail those processes that are employed as drivers to the operations management services stated above. The conversion of inputs into outputs requires utilization of equipment, material purchase, as well as management and monitory personnel for the sake of the required processes. There are various categories of the techniques, some of which are based on tools and equipment and others based on the operations research. Each technique employed is vital in accomplishment of a specific service in the operations management. They are inclusive of purchases management techniques that are useful when buying raw materials for the production of ultimate required goods within a hotel (Greswell, 2007). The inventory control technique is also very useful when it comes to invention of new strategies as well as adoption of new equipment. The quality control techniques are ample in ensuring delivery of valid products and services to organizational consumers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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