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What are the benefits of understanding agreed ways of working?

Explain the benefits of having the knowledge about agreed ways of working

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Agreed ways of working refers to employees working in line with the policies and procedures laid down, following each personal care plan and risk assessment expectedly and adhering to the given rules of conduct. It involves performing duties according to the agreed standards at the start of the employees’ contract and working hard to protect and care for those around. Being sensitive to the agreed ways of working is important in the following ways;

It ensures that the interests of the employee are adhered to. Before undertaking any job, an employee has to agree to stick to the given terms. After agreeing, he is supposed to adhere to the definitions of the job.  Consequently, failure to adhere leads to breakage of the agreement and is prosecutable. By being sensitive to the agreed ways of working, an employee adheres to the work assigned.

Being sensitive to the agreed ways of working ensures that interests of the employee are covered. Agreed ways of working involve laying down the policies and procedures of a given project. Consequently, the employee becomes aware of what is expected of him. The employer cannot demand more than what was agreed upon by his employee. The employee’s interests are therefore taken care of, and the employer cannot introduce new orders with changing the terms.

Agreed ways of working give a precise definition of anyone’s role. There are professional boundaries that enable the different staff members to conduct their duties. If one is assigned to a particular job, he has to adhere to that job failure to which anarchy in the workplace comes in. Accordingly, it is important to respect agreed ways of working all the time.


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I think agreed ways of working is about the position of each employee in the company, the management style and so on. There are papers on Quality Management and Getting a raise, which might be interesting for you in your research. The settings of employees interaction at a workplace are set differently in each company, but there are also general rules for it, I suppose.

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