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Explain the importance of ensuring that others are aware of own whereabouts

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Whereabouts include gadgets such as watches, lists or any device that communicates with a remote server of where an individual is. Such gadgets are crucial particularly in a kidnap. For instance, if a child is stolen or kidnapped, the police and the family of the kidnapped can keep track of the location of the lost child as long as the whereabout gadget is in place. The same gadget can be used to keep vigilance of an individual’s movements when constrained within a certain perimeter. A whereabout gadget can be set such that when such individual goes beyond the perimeter, it triggers an alarm to alert the career.

The whereabouts are also used in assets such as vehicles for tracking the movement and as a security measure. Also called a tracking system, these set of whereabouts are fitted into a vehicle with or without the knowledge of the operators by the management or vehicle owners. In case of burglary, the whereabouts are used to track the location of the vehicle. As well, they help in providing information regarding the behavior of the operators such as over-speeding or masquerading into other activities other than the intended. Whereabouts are also important in traveling industry from an offsite location. The relevant whereabouts in this industry contain a record of all routes, those which traverse is through the foot, using aircraft, vehicles, boats, or aircraft. Developments on new whereabouts continue to augment the market.

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I guess, this question might relate to health and safety responsibilities, and if so the answer would differ from the previous one.

You would need to explain to your tutor how to manage own stress. I would recommend you to include three points and add the proper explanation to each of them. The points are as follows:

  1. Identify common signs and indicators of stress (physical and psychological)
  2. Identify circumstances that tend to trigger own stress (work factors, interpersonal relationships, expectations, demands, personal factors, etc.)
  3. Describe ways to manage own stress (general strategies, relaxation techniques, social strategies, faith strategies, the importance of emotional wellbeing, understanding of individual stressors, etc.)
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