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Unethical Behavior and Hiring Ethical People - Essay Example

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Any action taken has ethical repercussion. Almost all our actions have consequences in terms of ethical domain. The concept is not just limited to few disciplines, rather applies to nearly all. Organizational environment is…
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Unethical Behavior and Hiring Ethical People
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Extract of sample "Unethical Behavior and Hiring Ethical People"

Download file to see previous pages A survey conducted in 2009 established that roughly over 3000 personnel are in habit of practicing unethical routines within the organization. The bitter episode of Lehman brothers was an example of unethical practices.
Other surveys showed that considerable percentage of their co workers were negligent about ethical considerations and their violations. Another survey conducted in 2009 showed that the rates of unethical habits were at a staggering high rate despite the penalties being awarded in recent pasts. The unethical means so adopted were observed in the various forms, few of which are as following:
Various other elements count for ethical decays. Racial discrimination is another serious ethical misconduct that might exist in individuals. In other words, there are some factors that we have stress on within aforementioned context:
The scope of unethical behavior by individuals is not limited to certain organizations, many a times, through surveys, it has been established that even the big wigs in the industry have short comings pertaining to the ethical norms being ignored by the personnel in the incumbent organizations.
An interesting feature highlighted and identified through surveys regarding unethical practices revealed that managers and other top officials were equal participants of the felonies committed under the umbrella of ethical violations. This comes in form of untrue work experiences, and other skills being possessed by the managers. Other infringements highlighted included minor things as use of office stationery, phone calls from office places for personal reasons to family members and other similar minor offences.
In a surprising sequence of events, in army which has strict code of ethics for its soldiers, the soldiers were comprehended on account of unethical practices when they violated the rules by means of an online application program.
The impact of unethical practices is not just limited to personal performances; rather it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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