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  • An ideal voltage source has an infinite resistance in series with it.
Mugagga mycle
updated 9 months ago

An ideal voltage source has an infinite resistance in series with it.

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2 Answers
updated 10 months ago

Hey, was it a question or a statement?

As I know, an ideal voltage source is a voltage source that supplies a constant voltage to a circuit despite the current which the circuit draws.

This means that despite the resistance which a load may be in a circuit, the source will still provide constant and steady voltage.

An ideal voltage source has the following characteristic that allows it to act as a 100% efficient source of voltage: it has zero internal resistance.

How about getting a bit more info on the question. I suppose you write a work on it or smth. So I searched for some papers on engineering but included your request too.

So, check them out.

Engineering Instrumentation (a Ph.D. work, btw)

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Good luck with this, undoubtedly, disputable topic!

updated 1 year ago

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