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value chain analysis of ABB PBS ?

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The value chain analysis is a crucial concept for business management and comes from Michael Porter, who was the first to describe it in 1985. His book ‘Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance’ became a best-seller, and since that time a Value Chain analysis is vastly performed.

So, if you are about to do it, make sure you know everything about it. Start by getting a general knowledge of what it is. I’d recommend you the following definition. “A value chain is a set of activities that a firm operating in a specific industry performs to deliver a valuable product or service for the market.”

To get more familiar with the Value Chain, I’d suggest you read some researches, like  

Value Chain Analysis’ or ‘Business Strategy Questions/ Value Chain Analysis.’

Regarding value chain analysis of ABB PBS, I have also found one paper that should definitely help you out in your own writing. Check it out. ‘Global Management: analysis of the ABB PBS Joint Venture Operation.’

There are also loads of papers related to your topic, so you can look through and decide whether they are useful or not.

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There is a great book; you can use in your research.  "Decision Support Tools: Porter's Value Chain." Cambridge University: Institute for Manufacturing (IfM). Retrieved 9 September 2013. Here is what it says of Value Chain analysis:

‘The idea of the value chain is based on the process view of organizations, the idea of seeing a manufacturing (or service) organization as a system, made up of subsystems each with inputs, transformation processes, and outputs. Inputs, transformation processes, and outputs involve the acquisition and consumption of resources – money, labor, materials, equipment, buildings, land, administration and management. How value chain activities are carried out determines costs and affects profits.’

Value chain management has become more and more important in the industry in past decades. So, if you are doing your research, try to use as much literature, as you can. I can recommend you the following list:

-  Kaplinsky, Raphael; Morris, Mike (2001). A handbook for value chain research. Brighton, England: Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex

-   Porter, Michael E. (1979). "How competitive forces shape strategy" (PDF). Harvard Business Review. Retrieved 9 September 2013


-  Angel Gurría (5 November 2012). The Emergence of Global Value Chains: What Do They Mean for Business


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