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How can you protect phone from being hacked?

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updated 9 months ago
A secure phone should not be a dream of a person, but a fundamental right. Your phone most surely contains a considerable amount of private information you don’t want to disclose. Luckily, there are several tips on how to protect your phone from being hacked.
1. Install all the offered updates
Keeping your phone up to date is one of the best ways to protect it. The updates are meant to make the soft of your phone better, and thus more secure, among loads of other benefits. 
2. Install phone secure app
Luckily there are plenty of those nowadays. Make sure you have found an application you are about to install on a reliable resource. Go through the comments from customers, perform some research. Installing a first found app might be not the best idea, for it can bring more harm than use. Be careful here.
3. Set a passcode
A passcode is the simplest trick that genuinely secures phone. So, you’d better change it each 4-6 months. Choose something you can easily remember, but something, that won’t be obvious. Thus, passcodes like 1234 or 1111 might be not your best idea. Also, avoid your birthday numbers, bank account passcodes, or numbers from your phone number, etc. Anything that can be found online about you is a bad idea. 
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