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Despite the problems associated with bulk emailing and the resistance from most email users, marketers still find this to be very effective (Rainer and Cagielski 22). This is basically due to the…
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Questions for thought
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IT Questions Question The growing use of the internet has made the use of email a major marketing tool. Despite the problems associated with bulk emailing and the resistance from most email users, marketers still find this to be very effective (Rainer and Cagielski 22). This is basically due to the fact that it allows them to reach out to many people at once and at minimal costs. In order to deal with the menace of spamming, laws and regulations are enacted to control how email advertising occurs. In the USA, the CAN-SPAM Act sets out the requirements that need to be met for marketers to use emailing in their activities (Rainer and Cagielski 30). It defines the kind of content that should not appear in the messages and the rights of the recipients. However, these laws have only been partially effective. As such, users have resorted to alternative means of preventing spams with an example being the use of the anti-spamming techniques embedded in products and software.
Question 2
In the current business setting, it is common to find enterprises allowing their employees to use their personal devices in their places of work to carry out work related duties. This practice, however, raises two major concerns, which include the privacy of information and misuse of company data. In order to ensure that the practice benefits the company rather than having detrimental effects, there is a need to have standards of practice in place. These will define the kind of device that can be used, how they are to be used and who can use it (Heary and Woland 56). In addition to this, employees should have specific credentials that allow them to access information. Finally it is imperative to ensure that the devices are only used to access information and not for storage purpose. This will prevent the material from reaching the wrong hand should the devices get lost.
Question 3
Cloud computing is a technique whereby by a group of remote servers and networks are used to facilitate storage of data in a central location. The data can then be accessed online by the company using the services (Voorsluys, Broberg and Buyya 23). This technology allows an organization to use computer systems as a utility rather than building their own infrastructure. It has been incorporated in several business practices, with the outcome being that it has freed the IT team from the duty of building or maintaining a computing infrastructure for the company. In addition to this, it has allowed the end users to spin up the existing computing resources without requiring the intervention of the IT department or administrator. It is, however, worth noting that, security concerns and infrastructure availability continue to hold back the growth of the technology.
Question 4
When the employees are allowed to maintain their own databases, security, integrity and privacy of the data may be compromised (Pratt and Last 44). As such, strategic steps must be put in place to check against this. This may involve checking for integrity regularly, backing up the information in a separate location and setting strict standards to be followed (Pratt and Last 44). In addition to this, the databases need to be periodically cleaned up to weed out what is no longer needed.
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