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Exam preparation - Essay Example

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It enhances consensus within the society in the sense that civilized people view decision making as preliminary processes and do not need to wait for the ultimate result thus making it easier in…
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Exam preparation
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Extract of sample "Exam preparation"

Examination Preparation Question1 Education is a necessary concept that replaces open mind with a civilized mind. It enhances consensus within the society in the sense that civilized people view decision making as preliminary processes and do not need to wait for the ultimate result thus making it easier in getting solutions to the problem. Education creates job opportunities to personnel’s of both female and male gender hence it assists to eliminate chances of inequality within a society (Swedberg, 2005).
In his observation of bureaucracy, Max Weber points out that power and authority relate to administrative functions, and this creates room for specialization and empowerment to the job itself other than the person doing it as such retains the skills within an organization. Besides, it makes it easy in moderating calculations for each employee with consideration to tackling individual cases in an organization clarify (Swedberg, 2005).
Based on Max Weber theory of management, both scientific management theory and school theories for of social relation are both perquisites to improve employee’s productivity through motivation (Swedberg, 2005). However, the two have conflicting ideology because scientific management entails improving employees’ prosperity and shifts occurring within different job strategies while human relations management is all about improving human resource towards achieving better organizational results.
Left and right wing ideologies are political ideologies that aim at improving healthcare challenges by advocating for freedom and modern technologies in healthcare systems. The ideologies advocate against the ones that have previously been in existence. The two wings are different in the sense that left wing advocates for state responsibility in medical care while the right wing believes that everything can still operate with less government intervention (Agarwal, 1986).
Capitalism entails as an economic system where private individuals own most industries in the nation. Capitalism economic system mainly constitutes huge labor cost and minimal returns from the industrial sectors. Marx criticizes such economy as quite prone to initiating hostility leading to two different classes in the society and highly susceptible to clashes (Agarwal, 1986).
Management as a profession
McKenna (2002) clarifies that several debates have existed as to whether management is a profession or not. Despite the fact that most managers own status more similar to engineers or surveyors, I totally disagree with the notion that management is a profession. Based on previous experiences, good managers are born to lead other than being brought up in class and training centers. First, profession is any occupational status awarded to a person after intensive training and practical experience besides examinations moderated by an authorized body while management is inborn and incubated by ones perception to achieve the organizational success, training institutions might be incapacitated to deliver such skills. In a contrary to management, there is high profession that entails doctors, lawyers, judges, the ministry, veterinary, university lecturers and lower profession such as School teachers, nurses, physiotherapists whereas management is dynamic across different professions.
According to Agarwal (1986), management Knowledge greatly depends on the background and personal traits of an individual that cannot be acquired from institutions while this is a necessity in exercising management techniques through collective psyches. In addition, there are several challenges associated by learning management skills and develop abilities to a level that can be view by members of the society as role models especially if the person in practice does not have personal ambitions to develop such skills. In contrast to management, a profession has specific ways of solving problems while management skills are dynamic and are applicable across different professional body.
In essence, some of the world’s greatest management elites such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson have showed exemplary success in business without adequate formal training. Secondly, people seek advice from professional because they have an inbuilt data bestowed in them by formal institutions in order to pass similar knowledge to the society (Kubr, 2002). However, a manger has an explicit role and general skills to supervise a wider functional area of an organization while getting solutions to different groups and issues. From the above context, possibilities it can be concluded that members of the profession work under some set of principles that do not relate to management, which requires personal techniques and skills in getting solutions thus management is not a profession.

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Exam Preparation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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