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What is the impact of own role in service provision?

describe the effect of own role on service provision

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A social worker should know his responsibilities in National Health Service Provision. It is critical to understand his role within the entire organization. For instance, nurses usually make sure that patients are all properly treated, including staying clean, fed, feeling comfortable, etc. It is also important to support patients’ intellectual and emotional needs. The main role then is to liaise with the rest of the staff as well as other agencies to deliver seamless care such as organizing and visiting appointments or providing necessary medical treatment just on time.

There are many positive outcomes the role of each social worker, nurse or related profession may have on the work of the organization, other staff, and patients in particular. Of course, there are adverse effects which are caused by the wrong fulfillment of duties. However, it is necessary to focus on the possible positive outcomes of health care professional good work. They include:

  • Reduction in work load for nursing personnel
  • Minimized pressure on reception employees
  • Improved performance and functionality of services to be delivered
  • Faster achievement of all set goals
  • Smoother and streamlined service delivery
  • Improved interactions with clients
  • Accessibility of brand new or expanded service to service user (g. weight control initiative, 24 hours ECG)
  • Advanced care for certain patients (g. those in nursing home)
  • Provision of feedback from the clients due to the improved interactions with patients
  • Overall decrease in waiting lines
  • Overall increase in service quality

Some other aspects are listed by the link.

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It surely depends on the service one is working in. If that would be, for example, a school or a kindergarten, then the own role of a coworker or an owner is that the parent feels the nursery is safe and children feel happy there. So they will be able to learn in a safe, stimulating and caring environment and will reach (or at least will be motivated to achieve) their full potential. 
In a cafe or restaurant, you need to make sure your client is happy with what he gets to eat and drink, and also with the service provided by the waitresses. 
Constant quality control - this is what I would highlight here.

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