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How disability may affect development?

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Kids suffering from learning or physical disabilities may be doomed to be discriminated for the rest of their lives. It all begins from the educational institution and lasts for ages. Other students often bully such children or even abuse them. It hurts self-confidence and further ability to develop.

Learning disabilities may have the following consequences:

Autism: It’s a developmental disorder which predetermines how an individual interacts and builds relationships with other people. A child or young adult who suffers from this diagnosis finds it hard to recognize mimics or gestures as well as the tone of a voice. These people tend to feel lonely in this world. They are usually cut off from the community due to the unwillingness of others to interact with them. This disability has an adverse impact on the way these people communicate in different social settings such as school or college.

Dyslexia: It refers to the obstacles in learning to read. Thus, reading and comprehension skills, as well as writing abilities, suffer. The one suffering from dyslexia often becomes frustrated, and issues could come out at home or in an educational institution. Such patients have a behavioral issue, and they lack the motivation to study. This disability in progress can spoil any chance of achievement.

There are also physical disabilities faced by many children. One of them is cerebral palsy – a condition which impacts the movement and coordination. Some patients suffer from seizures, epilepsy, and problems with speech.
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As far as I understand, you mean children and their physical development? A tricky question, for there are so many diagnosed disabilities nowadays. For example, there are some psychological disabilities, which, also affect the development, though primarily mental. For example, Asperger’s syndrome - Autism, usually causes emotional and social development issues but can influence the physical state of a child as well. Or dyslexia, which is a particular condition, that affects learning various abilities. Physical disabilities usually relate to a physical state only, like children using the wheelchair have poor mobility. Still, psychology here matters too. For those children are often bullied in schools and are excluded from a normal social life.

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