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updated 9 months ago

How can globalcast organize itself to meet the challenges and on-going market trend?

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updated 10 months ago

Global cast's growth was driven by its relationships with its customers.

The significant market changes have always had their impact on the global cast and their strategies.

The first change happened when the most of the customers began to move their operations to the developing economies. The main reason behind this decision was to enjoy the benefits of low-cost labor, material and over head costs, and to enter the potential, profitable markets of these developing economies.

The next change was the standardizing of their products globally. This was due to their expansion.They knew that to live up to the demands in the markets overseas, they had to maintain some standard designs throughout. This led to the increase in production with a decrease in the unit cost.

The "third and most important change in the market was when the customers started asking the suppliers to do the value addition work for the products. The reason either being the reluctance of the customers to bear additional costs or lack of the testing facilities for the molds.

The globalcast’s response to the changes in the market was always proactive, as seen above. It was done in the context of the value added work for its customers. Still, some people consider globalcast’s reaction to being reactive. They were not ready to respond to the shifting activities of the customers to the developing economies. Standardization of product designs also posed as a problem in front of them. They started taking measures after the changes took place. The reactive nature is highlighted by the fact that the General Manager of each manufacturing facility had to defend his business. One of the "major challenges was to move its factories nearby, and that was not advisable because on its large number of customers.

Well, it is a question to be considered after a thorough research, I would say. Start from case studies; this would be my advice. Here is a good one I have found. Hope it helps.

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