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Why marijuanas should be legal?

I should write an essay about it. I'm interested in your opinion

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This question gained a quite high popularity all over America a few years ago, as far as I know. (Could somebody add a comment with a list of states, which did actually legalize marijuana by a receipt, if any?)

Despite all the research done, and despite all the proven facts, that the majority of adults admitted they had tried marijuana at least once in life, there are more benefits from legalizing cannabis. Also, if such substances as alcohol and tobacco are still legal (for such a period and despite all the research of harm and the vast variety of ways to cause death) it just seems illogical, that marijuana is still illegal.

Loads of political parties do recognize the value of cannabis, at least the medical one. Still, there is a bigger picture, of course.

  1. First of all, Marijuana is medicine, that a fact. I don’t want to go on explaining this point, as there are tons of research papers on the topic.
  2. Secondly. Marijuana is Cash. Who will deny that? Cannabis could be the biggest cash crop since cotton. It is such a large and profitable industry that the legalization itself could boost the economy of the country.
  3. The Marijuana legalization alone could destroy the international drug trade. We already know that some cannabis growers invented some kind of new hybrid strains. This fact is about to kill the illegal foreign drug trade, but only if being legalized as an activity and business basis.
  4. It brings nothing, but joy. The fact, that the cannabis is medicine covers the major idea of ‘being addicted’ and so on. We get addicted to cigarettes and alcohol too, but still, limitations can hold us back from drinking at work and smoking in public places. Marijuana brings happiness, joy, and relaxation. I also heard it could lower the sensibility while having an allergy, and though significantly.

So, why not use it, as well as cigarettes and alcohol - on the basis of legal restrictions and limitations, while ruining all this underground illegal trade and harm it brings to the economy?

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