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The human understanding has broadened and people have started to come forward and debate on issues that were not considered to be important previously. The issue of the legalization of marijuana is a perfect example which highlights a subject that was not an important matter…
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Rebuttal - Why Marijuana should be Legal in the US
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Why Marijuana should be Legal in the United s The human understanding has broadened and people have started to come forward and debate on issues that were not considered to be important previously. The issue of the legalization of marijuana is a perfect example which highlights a subject that was not an important matter previously. The understanding of people can be seen from the differences of opinions that have been put forward by the statistics of a poll that was conducted by Gallup. The results n 1969 indicated the fact that only 12 percent of the people favored the legalization of marijuana but a striking difference can be seen as the results of the poll in 2011 put forward the fact that 50 percent of the Americans wanted marijuana to be legalized now (Carey 2011). The legalization of marijuana has sparked many debates as many benefits of this legalization have been put forward and demands for the revision of the legislation with regard to marijuana has been demanded.
The Huffington Post reported the stand of the White House on the issue of the legalization of marijuana. The White House declared the fact that marijuana was a drug which carried many disadvantages and they could not legalize the drug as it would bring much harm to the society. The White House indicated the fact that the government was spending much on research with regard to marijuana and they did not find any strong research that upheld the benefits of this drug. It was further claimed that marijuana resulted in health issues which included “addiction, respiratory disease, and cognitive impairment.” It was also stated that legalizing of marijuana would not result in any benefit for the community and would rather cause harm to the society (Graves 2011).
The benefits of marijuana have been upheld by many groups who consider that legalization of marijuana would result in many positive effects. The use of marijuana in medicine has been one of the most important benefits of the drug. The California Medical Association upheld this stand and put forward the fact that marijuana should be made legal. The Association indicated the fact that advantages of this legalization were much higher than the disadvantages. They also upheld the fact that marijuana was helpful in the relief of pain and thus it should be made legal and regulations should be imposed on drug distribution rather than putting a ban on it (York 2011).
The President of Columbia also put forward the fact that the legalization of marijuana had many advantages and he explained that the drug should be made legal throughout the world. He provided the fact that this legalization would be very beneficial for the society. This was owing to the fact that it would result in a decrease the problem of drug trafficking. Furthermore, the governments would then be able to focus on preventing the usage of drugs that are more harmful which include cocaine and heroin. He also indicated the fact that drug trafficking provided for black money which is used for international violence and the legalization of marijuana would result in a reduction in this money (Dalton 2011). Economic benefits of this legalization have also been put forward. If marijuana is made legal, the billions of dollars that are provided to the agencies that work towards preventing the illegal use of marijuana would be saved. This money would then be used for other important purposes (Rosenthal et al 2003).
The legalization of marijuana has been a subject of debate and the drug has been marked as illegal in the United States by the government. Despite of this illegal status assigned by the government, many groups have come forward and people have expressed their views that the drug should be marked to be legal. This is owing to the medical, economic and social benefits for the society.
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