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rebecca gapuen
updated 10 months ago

what is areas of consideration in the chocolate war a rebellion in the ivory coast threatens the country's cash crop: cocoa beans

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updated 10 months ago

The Ivory Coast is very famous. Not for its gold or diamonds, but for chocolate. The cocoa plantations of this region produce raw ingredients for almost a half of all worlds chocolate. The provided amount is evaluated for approximately $350 million a year. 

So, the well-known fact of the civil war (which by the way is considered to start in September 2002) is not about political or ethnic issues (as believed), but only about gaining access to the plantations and control of the manufacture. 

As far as I know, rebels and government forces have signed an armistice and negotiated to rule commonly until the next elections. There were thousands of United Nations peacekeepers to cement the deal in 2004. 

That war for control of Ivory Coast was to come down to chocolate, or more precisely cocoa has caused the cash crop that bankrolled forty years of economic boom, mass immigration and, eventually, the war itself, all over the tropical garden the West Africa’s best agricultural zone. 

The Ivory Coast is a former French colony, and it is the top contributor to the global chocolate supply, that is why the war has caused that much economic damage. No wonder, for the economic climate vagaries are variable as nowhere else. 

Years of tension in Ivory Coast boosted the cocoa prices to $3,510 a ton in December 2009. The reason behind such a growth lies particularly under the hesitation of Ivorian farmers to invest in expanding production amid political upheaval.

For a cocoa bush to become productive, it takes around three years to wait. So the producers are playing a dangerous game with their investments if they do. With all the political background and the escalating tensions in the Ivory Coast, the cocoa production is already on the decline and might get worse. The latest move of the actual president is trying to accelerate the rising cost of cocoa on the world market, but farmers still hesitate to invest in more cocoa bushes. 
Here is something to read more about it: https://studentshare.org/history/102215-2011-conflict-in-ivory-coast

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