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  • An essay on sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.
updated 9 months ago

An essay on sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.

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updated 1 year ago

This sounds like a topic for a good personal essay. I is kinda cool, as a personal essay has This sounds like a topic for a good personal essay. It is kinda cool, as a personal essay has to be moving and inspiring. This topic, as for me, is a great one to write an excellent emotional personal essay.

There are several ways to complete this task. A metaphorical sense of the phrase ‘the heart sees what is invisible to the eye’ is referring to a profound emotional feeling everyone experienced at least once. It is about taking action against all the logic. It is about deep emphasizing and understanding the feelings of other people. Think of your own experience. It would be the best story to tell. When you are involved that much, you will be able to touch your audience with your writing.

If you lack on your own ideas, find some good essays to read online. Inspiring examples can help you recall the similar stories from your past.

Writing an excellent personal essay would not be that challenging as soon as you understand the key to its rhetoric. Here are the basic points to highlight one by one.

  1. Start with an opening scene. Make it look like a story you are telling. Reveal the main characters, the issue, the situation. Make it look live. The best thing here would be the description of two characters having utterly different worldviews.
  2. Write from your own perspective. This is one of the most pleasant moments about writing a personal essay. You have the absolute freedom to engage emotions, yours as well as the emotions of other people.
  3. Include the plot. The narration should be lined up and form a story, with the sequence of events and special key moments. Make a detailed description of the conflict and realization. This would lead to an emotionally intelligent conclusion needed here so much. It is important that readers should kinda predict the summon you are about to make, but still willing to ensure themselves they are right by reading further.
  4. Uncover the deep truth. Here is the point of a reveal. Why did you tell the whole story? What did you want to prove to your readers? This conclusion should be a great opening, the most necessary point of the entire essay, so think of it thoroughly. You may talk about the deep meanings of the situations described above. It would be a good choice. When you talk honestly about the real stories happened to you, it is always good enough to touch other people.

So, here it is. Think of the story, where emotions took control over logic, start telling, describe the conflict point in details and end up with the conclusion, saying that heart knows it all better.


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