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updated 9 months ago

What are the main roles of different agencies in safeguarding and protecting individuals from abuse?

describe the roles of various agencies in protecting individuals from abuse

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updated 10 months ago

The roles of different agencies in safeguarding and protecting individuals from abuse depend on the type of the agency.

Different institutions that aim to defend individuals from the threats of abuse are responsible for various aspects. First of all, they must develop individual’s awareness of what acceptable and unacceptable behaviors are. Usually, this knowledge is critical for young children who are just getting acquainted with the violent world around and its potential risks. As far as technological progress has a great impact on the life of children today, they should be informed of the threats of using the Internet as well.

The agencies are obligated to recognize, support, defend and assist young adolescents who are at the higher levels of risk. It is also defined as ‘at risk register.’ The agencies must enable professional coaching of all staff involved in this field of work. They have to establish and activate policies, procedures, and regulations for different e-learning activities, traditional education, training (the use of filtering software is included). Such agencies watch for any signs telling that the abuse may take place, control changes in children’s behavior/mood/actions, and refer all concerns. Finally, the responsible agencies are supposed to control, keep track of any changes, progress, and failures in children’s training as well as deliver this data to other agencies involved in safeguarding and protecting individuals from abuse.

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There are different types of agencies that have diverse responsibilities regarding individuals safety and protection. F.e. schools offer information and special classes where people are taught to avoid dangers. Social care institutes are obliged to take care of individuals who are not able to take of themselves. Police safeguard social peace. Health professionals are responsible for health practice and theory. Thus they nurse, heal, do research and do experiments to improve the health of people. There are also several agencies that are aimed to protect specifically children, refugees, old people, etc. They also play their role.

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