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conscience affecting sense of sin

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The issue of sin has a lot of interpretations. The most of them are related to a particular religion and the meaning it has for a holy law. So called ‘wrongdoing’ depends on what is considered to be ‘right’ in that type of religion. Doing the opposite is sinning. Most commonly sin covers a lack of love, patience, and compassion. Another meaning of the word ‘sin’ is wounding the nature, a human person or human nature, or destroying human solidarity. It might also mean an offense against truth, law, reason and right conscience.

The conscience itself plays the key role in the phenomena of sin, as one of the principles differing a bad action from a non-sinful one is understanding the harm the person makes. Thus, conscious is most likely to provoke the understanding of wrongdoing. A lot of psychological investigations say that conscience is innate, so it means that the sense of sin is also innate. And this knowledge leads to the idea, that people are initially religious. The atheism is considered to the form of belief too, for scientists today say that people have the need to believe in something. Even if it is a strong faith in own disbelief, it still counts.

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