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Madhu Sudhan
updated 9 months ago

Narrate a childhood experience which has taught you to heed the advice of the elders

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updated 10 months ago

You know this old joke?

There are four stages in life:

Mommy knows everything
Probably, there is something mommy doesn’t know
Mommy understands nothing
Mommy was right
I’d say that it is an eternal circle of life and we should just put up with it.


In my case, I had an army of advisers including my father, grandmother, 8 years elder sister, and, of course, my mother. We were (and still are) very close with my grandmother and the most important advice that I’ve never been able to take is Don't rush.

And it includes everything: don’t eat too fast, don’t make fast decisions, don’t get married in a hurry, don’t be in rush to fell in love. I must say now that the true meaning of this advice I’ve understood a lot later. But for me, it has been always like ‘time goes by so slowly’, that is why I’m constantly in a hurry. But at least I’ve started eating a little bit slower.

My mother told me to learn at least one foreign language while I was learning at school. But I didn’t see the point, it seemed like the whole world was learning English. A lot later I’ve understood that after school it’s much harder to find time and persistence to learn another language, besides, it would really have increased my chances of getting a better job. Yet, in the time I could to take advantage of such advice I’ve  turned a deaf ear to it.

When I was about 14-15 years I didn’t pay much attention to what I ate. I was skinny and had a metabolism of a hummingbird. I didn’t think that things would change in a couple of years and that I could gain weight. My sister noticed that constant pasta and cola didn’t make a healthy combination. Mind your diet, she said. I ignored it too, so, logically, by the age of 22, I’ve gained 19 kg. I had to work on my body for four years to return my shape. Even though now I have the same weight as I had when I was 18, I have lots of stretch marks and loose skin.


There is what I can answer on the question like yours. But it all should be a personal story. So if you want to get a sense on how to narrate a story from your personal experience take a look on the examples like these:





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