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Freud’s psychoanalysis of a person’s behavior that was influenced by the existence of an ego, tried to relate how certain people behave the way they behave; differently from others who they have been brought up in the same environment. He deduced that, ego, are those…
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Influence of modern idea
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Freud Freud’s psychoanalysis of a person’s behavior that was influenced by the existence of an ego, tried to relate how certain people behave the way they behave; differently from others who they have been brought up in the same environment. He deduced that, ego, are those primitive forces that are repressed into one’s mind and are painful to think or remember about. He bases the development of mental illness with the repression of those thoughts and lack of a safe way to express them. By understanding ‘self’, Freud has helped people in modern day perceive themselves as viable beings who need an outlet to any emotion or stressful situation.
Freud related dreams to a way that unconsciously expresses pent-up emotions and relieves the brain. He argues that dreams help us to maintain a healthy mental balance. Freud enabled the modern-day scientist to appreciate the importance of dreams in showing the state of mental health of a patient and its role in treatment of mental conditions.
Freud instigates that every person has a repressed feeling for their parent, of their opposite sex, that they had since their childhood; hence, a little girl would love her dad more than she would love her mother. As she grows up, she learns to suppress unconsciously the feeling of hate towards her mother and that of love towards her father. Freud helps us understand why women look for a man who has the traits of her father while seeking to get married. Moreover, boys will look for their ‘mothers’ in girls who they want to is A classical application of Oedipus complex.
The feeling of hate expressed by a child, according to Freud, should naturally be repressed. However, those who grow into adulthood still feeling ‘hate’ for one parent should seek psychoanalytic help. Freud theory about adult ‘childhood’ expressed hate has been a breakthrough in explaining the behavior of serial killers or sadists. Such persons refuse to either outgrow a childhood experience or have no way to express mental pressure, hence seek other extreme methods to express those feelings that hold them guilty of their childhood experience.
The complexity of Oedipus complex, as Freud explains it, is clearly invisible to self-examination and any person who is going through such a phase will expressively and unconsciously hide it. On the contrary, these persons will exhibit traits that expressively show what the inner self is undergoing ; behavior that show an ego perspective, either quietness, ‘weirdness’ or a certain behavior that mimics the entity of true self.
Freud attributes the sense of guilt to the behavior of a person in trying to resolve internal issues. He is careful to note that most people will choose to repress the guilt in their mind while a few will express it. He relates the feeling of self-guilt to internalized behavior of self-destruction, through punishing oneself by either causing bodily harm or denying the body of basic rights.
Sigmund Freud has contributed immensely to the field of mental state and the reason as to why people behave the way they behave. He has contributed to the field of psychology and helped doctors treat mental patients using different skills. The understanding of different psychotic thinking in the face of increasing mental cases, has engineered the field of psychology as an important aspect to the medical fraternity.
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