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explain how disability may affect development

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In your essay, you’d better specify the disability and its impact. For there are loads of disability types, like cognitive, physical, psychological. And if, f.e., a person has a physical disability, like not able to walk, that person can still be socially active when a person with autism will definitely experience the impact of disability on her/ his social life. I would recommend to define disability types and explain how they affect the development of a person: in a social, physical or psychological way. Here you can look for research on Disability types and afterward just add your conclusions.


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First of all, let’s separate different types of disabilities. Each of them can cause various effects on development.
Learning disabilities
According to the National Institute of Health, almost fifteen percent of Americans have at least one type of learning disabilities. Learning disorders should not be confused with mental disabilities which will be discussed in the next clause.
Common learning disabilities are dysgraphia, dyslexia, dyscalculia, etc. Each of them affects a particular skill in a specific scale. For instance, dysgraphia is an illness when a person can't form words in a logical structure, thus can't write letters, articles, etc. Dyslexia is a reading disorder in which person has difficulties to read texts.
Undoubtedly, the effects on development are noticeable. People with such disabilities can suffer from routine learning tasks. Still, they can live a normal social life.
Mental disabilities
There are exist many mental disabilities worth to discuss. Anxiety, psychotic, mood, and other disorders can significantly change a human's life. Hence, every person should detect specific symptoms and control general mental health to prevent troubles.
Mental disabilities have a substantial impact on social life, thus, on life in general. It can be hard for a person with a mental disease to communicate with people, understand feelings and emotions of others, deal with established standards. Still, a person can be successful in education.
Physical disabilities
Physical disabilities are the most noticeable. Thus, they can be subjected to discriminations or prejudices, especially among teenagers. Some of the physical disorders can be acquired before the birth and sometimes can't be cured or fixed. Nevertheless, there are many solutions for comfort living which were implemented either by social or medical organizations. Physical disorders, of course, has an influence on routine and physical development. Still, people can get a degree and be an average insider.
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