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EXCEL Output and Drawing upon Statistical Procedures - Dissertation Example

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In the paper “EXCEL Output and Drawing upon Statistical Procedures” the author explains the main characteristics of a collection of raw data in quantitative terms. The purpose of descriptive statistics is to give a placid view about the sample under consideration…
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EXCEL Output and Drawing upon Statistical Procedures
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Download file to see previous pages Standard deviation, range, and inter-quartile range, on the other hand, are three different measures of dispersion of the sample observations. Measures of dispersion are meant to estimate the degree of variation present in a given sample. Standard deviation, however, is considered to be a better measure of the same than the range, which in fact is considered as a rather primitive measure. However, inter-quartile range, although not used extensively, can rather be considered as a more reliable measure of dispersion that considers the difference between the 75th and the 25th percentiles in the given dataset.
The formula to find standard deviation is, σ = ^2.
On the other hand, to find the range, one has to sort the data in ascending order and find out the maximum and minimum values from the observations. The formula to find out the range of the given dataset is Range = (Maximum – Minimum).
The method to find out the inter-quartile range is, first arrange the dataset in ascending order and then find out the observations positioned at the 75% and 25% points respectively. Then calculate inter-quartile range as, Q3 – Q1. It shows the cumulative number of observations in a given class interval, i.e., how the frequency of the various class intervals keeps on rising as the number of classes increases. On the other hand, cumulative frequency percentage is that which shows the percentage of observations being covered till a particular class is reached so that at the last class interval, exactly 100% of the observations are covered. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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