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Behind the Stereotypes about White and Black Skinny People - Statistics Project Example

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This project gives a statistical survey and analysis of various traits of black and white skinned people. The survey is done in a Likert scale form of a questionnaire. The study is mainly to find out whether social characteristics of different groups can be stereotyped or not…
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Statistics Behind the Stereotypes about White and Black Skinny People
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Extract of sample "Behind the Stereotypes about White and Black Skinny People"

Download file to see previous pages Stereotyping can be thought of as a process that involves a categorical response pattern. To be said in a more precise way, under stereotyping, membership to a particular group is considered to be sufficient enough to pass the judgment that the individual under consideration possess all the traits belonging to the particular group or category that the individual belongs to. When there exists a number of strongly established stereotypes for certain social group, it’s become very difficult to judge a person belonging to that group based on his or her individual characteristics. (McGarty, Yzerbyt, and Spears, 2002; Feagin 2001; Blair, Judd, and Fallman, 2004)
Very often stereotyped perceptions regarding certain social group are built on the basis of race, ethnicity, physical images and so on. In America, for example, there exists a huge amount of stereotyped perceptions regarding Blacks. In a study, Charles and Massey (2003) found that whites along with people of Latino and Asian origins have a tendency to stereotype the people with black skin as lazy, violent, and poor. On the other hand, people of Asian origin are used to be stereotyped as very hard working, intelligent, and self-sufficient. (Charles and Massey, 2003). Some other studies have found that very often black women are stereotyped as more talkative and more aggressive than white women. For example, Booth-Butterfield and Jordan (1989) in their research found that in a mixed race community black females are more loud and talkative compared to white females. McPherson and Nunes (2004) also found black women to be more talkative as well as more aggressive compared to white women. They also tried to explain the reason behind the talkative and aggressive nature of black females. According to them, black women have been brought up in an environment in which they have always been discriminated against, in a community where crime is so prevalent that they always need to protect their children. To live in such an environment they need to scream so that their voice can listen, they need to be more aggressive to protect their children. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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