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Ancient Olympians Already Used Performance Enhancing Drugs - Assignment Example

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The author states that maybe the use of performance-enhancing drugs is an open secret among athletes but is kept under wraps in public so as not to influence amateur sports enthusiasts. It is no secret that performance-enhancing drugs have been around since ancient Greek times. …
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Ancient Olympians Already Used Performance Enhancing Drugs
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Extract of sample "Ancient Olympians Already Used Performance Enhancing Drugs"

Download file to see previous pages As I sit here watching the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics unfold before me on television, I cannot help but marvel at how the physique of every athlete is one that is difficult for any person to achieve without any help. Sure the athletes are at the top of their game and in the pink of health. However, I find it difficult to believe that their appearance, endurance, strength, and abilities as an athlete all come from natural means and training methods. Not everyone is born a super-person and every person needs an extra edge when it comes to performing in the sports arena if they want to win the gold.

One can deduce that the ancient Olympic results were influenced by drug use, thus making doping in ancient sports legal. Admittedly, the ancient Greeks did not use the same sort of steroids that our modern-day athletes use. But the main focus of their plant mixtures was still to enhance an athlete's stamina and performance during a sporting event.

While the modern performance-enhancing drug of choice in the 21st century is based upon steroids, ancient athletes doped on herbal medication, wine potions, hallucinogens, and even animal hearts or testicles in an effort to enhance their abilities. According to research done into the history of ancient Olympics;

In his work “Gymnastics,” Filostratos (3rd-2nd century BC) mentions that the doctors had been significantly helping the preparation of the Olympic Games athletes and that the cooks had been preparing bread with spices from the juice of the plant poppy opium. Plinius, the younger (1st century BC), mentions that the athletes in running sports had been drinking a decocted of a plant called hippuric for muscle mass and increased strength. However, more data are not easy to retrieve, because ancient doping had been well hidden by the Hellanodikai (judges) and the priests of the Games (Papagelopoulos, Panayiotis “Doping in Ancient and Modern Olympic Games”).

Therefore, doping or the use of performance-enhancing drugs has been an open secret among athletes but frowned upon by the judges since time immemorial.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ancient Olympians Already Used Performance Enhancing Drugs Assignment.
(Ancient Olympians Already Used Performance Enhancing Drugs Assignment)
Ancient Olympians Already Used Performance Enhancing Drugs Assignment.
“Ancient Olympians Already Used Performance Enhancing Drugs Assignment”.
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