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The essay “The Mental Effects of the Drugs Use” focuses on a principle, which argues that what makes something a desire, thought, or pain does not depend on the internal constitution, but on the function, that the substance plays in the cognitive system…
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The Mental Effects of the Drugs Use
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 Drug culture tends to provide satisfaction to the drug users. As argued by Isajiw (156), people who use drugs usually build some mental pictures about a given social state. The Asian and the Blacks slaves working in America, for example, used cocaine and marijuana to relieve their stresses, enabled them to cope with the hard conditions.
4. Drug use, as a social problem, influences the relationship between the drug user and his or her immediate community. In this sense, the consumption of certain drugs poses a threat to society. The social fabric usually depends on an individual's ability to adhere to social structures. However, drug use tends to influence the individual interpretation of social demand.
5. Drugs affect normal body function because it interferes with brain cells. Theo and Jim (229), in their book, Social Problems, observed that some social problems such as mood disorders, depression, among others are shaped by chemicals concentration in the brain. As a person uses a drug, the chemicals in the drug flow into the bloodstream to the human brain. Once the chemicals reach the brain, they interfere with the normal body functions. Read More
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(The Mental Effects of the Drugs Use Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
The Mental Effects of the Drugs Use Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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