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Observation Paper on Stress at a Local High School Football Game - Assignment Example

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The purpose of the assignment "Observation Paper on Stress at a Local High School Football Game" is to investigate how psychological pressure influences performance in sports. Specifically, the assignment presents a detailed analysis of group psychology at a football match…
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Observation Paper on Stress at a Local High School Football Game
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Extract of sample "Observation Paper on Stress at a Local High School Football Game"

Download file to see previous pages A large amount of stress can affect the normal behavior pattern of all the people involved in the game and people tend to be aggressive and pressure rode, depending upon nature, the conditions and the importance of the game. Stress in a game has its positive sides also: it can bring about more challenges, better performances and vigor in the game. Very often it is seen that the team that manages the stress factors of the game emerges victorious at the end. Keen observation can always result in the true understanding of the effects of pressure on people and this prompts one to have an analytical and critical conclusion regarding the changes in human interaction in a tense atmosphere. This paper attempts to show how stress affects the behavior pattern of people at a local high school game.
It was a thrilling experience to observe the football match between St. Aloysius High school and St. George High School held in the last summer at the St. George school ground. Both the schools had been rivals for a long time and it was a great sight for the spectators as both the teams had good players in their sides. As expected, the gallery was full and there were loud shouts, slogans, and noises. The officials, the teachers and the spectators (which consisted mainly of the parents from both the schools and the local supporters who favored either one of the teams) were keen to start the game. The climate was quite pleasant even though the humidity was a bit high. The atmosphere was quite tensed as it was a decisive game to decide the winner, as both the teams, had 3-3 match records in the previous games played on both the school grounds. One could quite easily observe and read out the tension from the faces of each spectator and there was no doubt that it would increase as the game progressed.
Understandably, all the players seemed to be stressed as they knew for certain the high expectation and responsibilities thrust upon them.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Observation Paper on Stress at a Local High School Football Game Assignment.
(Observation Paper on Stress at a Local High School Football Game Assignment)
Observation Paper on Stress at a Local High School Football Game Assignment.
“Observation Paper on Stress at a Local High School Football Game Assignment”.
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