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The paper "Poor Sportsmanship of Parents at Games" states that parents should strive to keep their egos out of their children’s game. Some parents tend to live out their childhood dreams through their children’s success in sports. Parents ought to stay focused on their children’s interest…
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Poor Sportsmanship of Parents at Games
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In a youth sports program, studies have shown that parents contribute, by a large extent, to the poor sportsmanship that is prevalent in sports contests. Parents have in the past become a liability to youth sports. Fights and quarrels between parents and coaches have occurred during games.
Parental codes of conduct have been developed by organizations around the country. These codes of conduct are aimed at reminding the parents to maintain peace during youth sporting events.
The Sports Parents Code of Conduct states that parents should ensure good sportsmanship and act as good role models to their children. They should refrain from yelling or ridiculing any player, coach or official during a game.
The code also states that parents must agree to respect all officials, parents, coaches and to avoid unnecessary confrontations during the game. Parents should sign the code and agree to abide by the decisions reached by the officials. Failure to do so should have them kicked out of the sporting events. Read More
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(Poor Sportsmanship of Parents at Games Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Poor Sportsmanship of Parents at Games Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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