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Online games Vs Violence - Essay Example

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Most consumers of the games prefer to play violent games as compared to the non-violent ones. Many studies in the world tend to link video games with violence. One research finding carried out in Iowa University…
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Online games Vs Violence
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Online games Vs Violence Video gaming has become popular among the young in the world. Most consumers of the games prefer to play violent games as compared to the non-violent ones. Many studies in the world tend to link video games with violence. One research finding carried out in Iowa University found that violent behavior in young people is triggered by the affinity for violent games and the frequency of playing the games. In Hongkong, experts do agree that the games could not lead to violence in the players because the triad culture in China tends to have more influence in the gamers, as compared to the game itself.
Hollingdale & Greitemeyer found that the Chinese adolescents who prefer to play violent games against human opponents online tended to more aggressive and a greater tolerance for anger. This study was carried among 312 Chinese teens who play online video games. In most cases, it is noted that when video game consumers play against human opponents, the levels of gaming experience increases. Thus, the gaming effects tend to increase the gamers emotions and behaviors. Children who grow up playing violent games tend to develop thinking patterns that influence their behaviour. Many people become aggressive when the gaming controls become difficult. This is a reaction caused by the frustrations facing the gamer.
Mothers in Hongkong share a different perspective concerning online games. To them, video games have created a modern form to foster child development (Yung). Kenix Chong Wei-peng believes that online games help her daughter burn up excess before retiring to bed (Yung). According to Chong, her daughter has the opportunity to experience different situations through the online games. Her daughter would be ready, and know what to expect when she has the real chance to face the same situations. Apart from the games being part of entertainment, the experts tend to make them educational too.
Ann Chow, head of marketing consumer channels in Microsoft Hongkong, believes that the games would encourage kids to develop a positive attitude towards learning (Yung). Players could access the natural world and have a clear understanding of nature, and be conversant with the different languages and environment. In the gaming consoles, the player becomes the character chosen and assumes the skills of that character. As the levels increase, the games become tougher requiring the gamer to utilise and learn more tactics. Each challenge reinforces the player with new information, thus fostering learning (Yung). Most parents argue that learning through games encourages the learners participation. Adults could easily handle boredom when learning, unlike children who cannot be forced to learn. Thus, the online games enable children to learn willingly (Yung).
In conclusion, most gamers of both violent and non-violent games tend to lose their temper when they fail. Other factors such as poor control techniques, lack of practice and game difficulty lead to gamers losing temper, other than the game itself. In many cases, the game has very little effect on the consumer. The most common effect is addiction. Parents should monitor their kids and offer guidance appropriately.
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Online Games Vs Violence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Online Games Vs Violence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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