The Sport England Strategy 2008 2011 - Essay Example

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The author states that sport and leisure activities are an essential part of healthy living and physical exercise also plays a crucial role in preventing diseases and infections in the body. Sport England is a strategy laid out by the London House of Commons. …
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The Sport England Strategy 2008 2011
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Year: Review of The Sport England Strategy 2008 – Sport and leisure activities are an essential part of healthy living and the physical exercise also plays a crucial role in preventing diseases and infections in the body (Wheaton 2012). Sport England is a strategy laid out by the London House of Commons. The strategy was set up along with other elements associated with the sporting scene, the government and the national governing bodies with the main agenda of optimization of all the English sports ventures (Sport England 2008).
The strategy recognized the importance of nurturing talented young people from an early age to improve the quality of England’s sporting pool. Sports England intends to partner with National Governing Bodies. This partnership will work with school sports clubs to ensure that youth participate in sports and leisure activities. The National Governing Bodies are also responsible for managing modern sports clubs, making them widely- accessible and stocking them with a wide range of sports. These sports clubs will serve as a resource pool for identifying and nurturing talent from as early as five years of age (Sport England 2008).
The drop-out rate in sports activities by youth was a significant concern. Between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, most students quit participating in sports. The Youth Sport Trust was entrusted with the task of encouraging youth to continue participating in community sports. This will be accomplished by ensuring that community sports are as engaging and rewarding to individuals, giving them motivation to develop their capacity. The Trust will also work to provide youth with access to five hours of sports a week through the Five Hour Sport Offer program (Sport England 2008). Sports England’s strategies for youth engagement hope to capture talent from a young age and stem the drop-out rate beyond the school setting.
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The Sport England Strategy 2008 2011 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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