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A Neighbourhood study of Broughty ferry in Dundee,Scotland - Essay Example

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A Neighbourhood study of Broughty Ferry in Dundee, Scotland Introduction This report tries to identify and give a basic description of the neighbourhood of Broughty Ferry in Dunde, Scotland from perspectives including location, population and type of neighbourhood…
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A Neighbourhood study of Broughty ferry in Dundee,Scotland
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Extract of sample "A Neighbourhood study of Broughty ferry in Dundee,Scotland"

Download file to see previous pages This is done by utilising locally obtained information and national evidence from government statistics and reports. Basic description of the neighbourhood Broughty Ferry is situated on the eastern part of the City of Dundee, which is found on the shores of Firth of Tay in Scotland. Attaran and Sachs (2001) and Barnett and Whiteside (2000, p. 231), note that “Broughty Ferry is found in the eastern Scotland and has a population of approximately 13, 155 according to the latest population and housing census of Scotland.” The neighbourhood of Broughty Ferry is one that can best be described as a traditional setting with a lot of respect and prestige to customized cultural living. For example the people have their unique forms of music, dressing, dish and educational system (Barnett, 2006 and Bell et al, 2003). The suburb for example has three primary schools that almost every citizen of the suburb attends before going to high school. In their writings, Hummers-Pradier et al (2008) and Isaacs (2010) noted that “these schools are Barnhill Primary School, Forthill Primary School and Eastern Primary School.” Interestingly, all these primary schools feed the Grove Academy, which is a high school with candidates. The neighbourhood of Broughty Ferry is more of a village than a district. ...
There also are highly welcoming sites just around Broughty Ferry for golfers and skiers in the St. Andrews and Cairngorms respectively. Perhaps knowing of the kind of welcoming destination their village poses to people all around Dundee and for that matter Scotland, the people present themselves as highly hospitable and welcoming folks. Archer (2003) and Arndt and Lewis (2000, p. 321), has it that “the rates of visits to the village has made the people one of the fastest learners in Scotland because they are always adapting to the new ways of living that suit their visitors.” Detailed description of key aspect and characteristic of the neighbourhood Employment The employment situation in Broughty Ferry can simply be described as impressive. This is in relation to the average employment rates of Dundee City and Great Britain in general. According to labour supply data from NOMIS for 2001, while the economically active population in Broughty Ferry made up 77.4% of the total population, the same number of economically active population for Dundee City was 68.2% whiles that of Great Britain was 74.0% (NOMIS, 2012). Of the percentages, those in employment in Broughty Ferry were 73.6% when the population of those in employment in Dundee city was 61.2% and those for Great Britain was 69.8% (Mayer et al, 2005and Nugent and Abolafia, 2006). Statistically, it can be said that a lot more of the economically active people in Broughty Ferry are gainfully employed and so have their own sources of income. It has been posited by Ogilvie (2011) and Ploeg et al, (2010 p. 134) “that the reason for this trend has largely been attributed to the varying economic and employment opportunities that exist in the village”. It is for instance known that of the total number of people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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