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Unionization in Baseball Organizations - Essay Example

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This study will be conducted in order to determine the positive and negative effects of unionization on major league baseball, and provide meaningful lessons such as learning their effective management strategies.

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Unionization in Baseball Organizations
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Extract of sample "Unionization in Baseball Organizations"

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This study will also aim to increase the awareness and provide a better understanding of the issues and problems concerning the major league baseball and its organizations in order to contribute an effective approach in addressing their problems.
The research will be based on the following assumptions: (a) all participants will be utilizing the correct procedures as outlined in the guidelines for the specific methodology employed, and (b) all participants will answer questions honestly to the best of their ability.

Time will be the greatest limitation to this research, which could hinder long-term outcome objectives. Environmental factors, such as socioeconomic status, will not be controlled, and this could create many variables within the research. As this study will utilize a small sample of respondents, the results may not effectively represent the general population.

This study was conducted in order to determine the positive and negative effects of unionization on major league baseball. In this study, the interview method of data gathering was utilized, with a combined total of 25 football players and 25 football managers as participants.

For this study, the descriptive method was utilized. In this method, the study became cheap and quick. It also suggested unanticipated hypotheses. This paper utilized the descriptive approach because it is difficult to disregards alternative explanations. Therefore observations are being used to this study.
To illustrate the descriptive type of research, Creswell (1994) guided the researcher.
"The purpose of employing this method was to describe the nature of
a situation, as it existed at the time of the study and explored the cause/s
of particular phenomena. The researcher opted to use this kind of
research considering the desire of the researcher to obtain first hand data
from the respondents so as to formulate rational and sound conclusions
and recommendations for the study" (Remenyi, 1998).
To come up with pertinent findings and provide credible recommendations, this study utilized two sources of research: primary and secondary. Primary research data were obtained through this new research study. Questionnaire survey and in-depth interview was also conducted. On the other hand, the secondary research data were obtained from previous studies on the same topic.
The Research Design
In order to come up with the most suitable research ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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