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The essay " Principles of coaching and practice in sport" examines the coaching to involves a wide range of knowledge that encompasses sports physiology and the latest research on training enhancements. All these factors are embodied in the individual coach who also has their own individual style…
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Principles of coaching and practice in sport
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Download file to see previous pages The autocratic dominance on older and more proficient athletes was related to a relationship to coaching behaviors that emphasized negative feedback as opposed to positive encouragement (Coach burn out). As the athlete becomes more accomplished their loss of control can be perceived as dominance.
At the other end of the scale is the democratic style of coaching. In this style, the coach mandates the overall goals and training requirements of the athletes. The athletes have more freedom to choose and make suggestions for their training as well as the strategy of play. The democratic coach will consider these inputs from the players and weigh them into the final decision. Professional players who have reached a high level of competency may be allowed to simply play the game using their own best judgment. As with the autocratic style, the democratic is also broken down into two subgroups. These are the sharing and the allowing style. In the allowing style, the athletes are given much greater opportunity to make their own decisions on the training and objectives. In both groups, players choose the training session and the coach approves it based on rationality and safety. This style is appropriate where the players have sufficient skill and experience to make independent decisions. It may also be a useful style when the outcome is not highly critical such as participation simply for leisure activity. One such coaching method is the command style. The coach is a commander and the player is the receiver of the instruction. According to Brian Grasso (n.d.), President of Developing Athletics, "Coaches who display this habit believe that coaching success is based on how well the athlete can reproduce the skills as taught or demonstrated by the coach". This style can be effective in a sport where technical movements or standards must be met such as figure skating. However, it mandates that the athlete be open to total trust in the coach and their subsequent decisions. This style has been criticised because it fails to account for the various learning methods that young players may use as well as their individual needs.
Coaches who are involved with highly trained and well-organised players may take the Laissez ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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