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Run to win marathon - Essay Example

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Run to win is a half marathon planned for sports men. A half marathon is the longest running event that is for experienced runners. This race is on 21 km or 13.1 miles. It is called a half marathon because it is half the distance of a marathon and is run on the road…
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Run to win marathon
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Download file to see previous pages Run to win is a half marathon planned for sports men. A half marathon is the longest running event that is for experienced runners. This race is on 21 km or 13.1 miles. It is called a half marathon because it is half the distance of a marathon and is run on the road.The distance is challenging but it does not require the extensive training one has to go under in a marathon. Some places the half marathon is also known as 21k. Usually people tend to start with a half marathon and then take up the challenge of a marathon. (Dostoc, 2011)This physical and mentally demanding excursion requires a lot of training and proper preparation if being attempted for the first time. Proposed Date: 12 February 2012 Location: --- Time: 8 am-2 pm Event Objectives Primary Objective To ensure that top major athletes attend this half marathon on 12 February 2012 and make this event a major success. This will be achieved by inviting the athletes personally by telephone and personal invitation and making sure the event is well attended and proper coverage is provided. (Smart Plan, 2011) To achieve coverage, the management will make sure that the proper authorities are notified and that word gets out and the respective media makes the event a smashing success. In short to make sure that the even brings in top people and proper coverage is provided to them. Financial Objective The financial objective of this event is to gain enough sponsors to support the financial cost of this event and churn out a profit if possible. The prize money is such to entice top athletes so that the event becomes a successful one and draws in big crowds. As its both open to males and females thus it would be only fair if the prize money is awarded to both the top contestants and runner ups in both the gender. It is decided thus to either breakeven or to run into a profit which would thus lead into further event planning generation. The prize money for the winner could be settled at $2000 followed by $1500 for the second runner up and $500 for the third runner up. All these figures are estimation and a minimum figure is thus provided and is not final. These values are both for males and females separately. (Dostoc, 2011) Event Details The event is aimed at the young and upcoming athletes along with the mixture of some top class professionals to make the competition exciting. This is done to let the young and upcoming athletes to show case their sportsmanship and talent and with a desire to win the prize money, the event sure is to draw a lot of attention and competitors from all around the country. Also with the event being a prominent one the outreach would be huge because of the media coverage that would be present before and during this event. Activities The race being the main event and activity itself is not the only main attraction of the event. To make this event a more bigger and better success, I decided to put in some extra events so that not only the athletes and racers could participate but also the general audience or the spectators of this exhilarating race could take some interest too besides watching. Included is a costume contest competition, during the race there are some tricky fun obstacles to make the race more interesting and challenging. Also to make it sort of more exciting the audience gets a chance to enter into a lucky draw that sort of works on the ranking of the racers in the events. (Active Network, 2011) Promotion The promotion of this event is a must and thus needs to be on an extensive scale so that majority of the people are made aware of this event and are thus attracted towards it leading it to make it a success. The most likely options include that of social networking and social media, chiefly Facebook, twitter, MySpace, Google plus and the likes. (Goshen, 2010) Social media penetration would guarantee a lot of exposure and platform but is not enough, so poster, word of mouth leaflets and such conventional and popular mediums would also be favoured too. The cost for these would raise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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