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Definition Sydney Marathon - Term Paper Example

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 The paper "Definition Sydney Marathon" discusses some legal requirements of Sydney marathon. The legal requirements are in terms of age, drug use in the sports, as well as the distance of participation. Participants should not under the influence of any drugs…
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Definition Sydney Marathon
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Download file to see previous pages  Although it is quite unknown on the implication of marathon to underage, the experts have recommended them waiting until they attain puberty (Bredemeier, et al. 1986). Most doctors recommend children to avoid long distance because of trauma and can lead to bone doings. When someone trains for a marathon, it is normally tough mentally and physically, exhausting and time-consuming. Therefore, underage it is highly possible to affect someone priorities such as education (Bredemeier, et al. 1986). Before someone embarks on the long distance/marathon, it is suggested top run 10kms or even 4kms. Therefore, completing the race would be a major boost. 1.2 The Macro, Micro and Risk management context In the Sydney Marathon, the macro, micro, and risk management context would involve consideration of safety issues from an individual level to the safety of the group taking part in the marathon. The safety and well-being of all participants are of great importance if the team has to win. This has to focus on risks affecting individuals in person and those affecting the participants collectively (K. M. Nohr 2009 ). This would happen with respect to the protection of the best interests of the group or organization. A comprehensive risk management plan would be required to achieve the best level in ensuring the safety of every participant in the group participants. One of the key factors to consider is working by the fundamental laws of the group. The three basic elements in risk control would be ensured. These elements include risk assessments, control, and financing (Katharine 2009). 2. The Risks Associated with The Trip The trip to the Sydney marathon will be like any other trip faced with uncertainties’ of risks such as injuries that include musculoskeletal injuries, bruises, cuts, fractures, as well as dislocations. There are also cases of accidents, which could result in injuries or death of some participants (Nohr 2013). These cases may make most of the participants fail to participate. Dealing with this risk would require that the number of participants in the marathon is more to initiate replacements especially in those sports involving collaborative participation. There should be provisions for first aid and medical care in case of accidents (Nohr 2013). 2.1 Location Analysis The marathon is specifically located in the Sydney International Regatta Center. This center is located in the west, 44 kilometers from the Sydney Olympic Park. The risks associated with this location include the additional costs in terms of time and money involved since it is far, about one hour drive, from the Central business district of Sydney (Office of Communities Sports and Recreation 2013). Another risk involved in this location is the ruggedness of land due to the hilly lands. The climate would also be horrible for the group since most of the members are not used to tropical climatic conditions. 2.2 The People The group selected includes 20 people but there is a risk that not all members of the group will participate. Four people in the group are elderly, aged between 60 and 70. Two people are above 75 year but they can hardly take part due to their health problem. Four of them are children aged between 4 and 10 but one of them is suffering chronic asthma and another suffers peanut allergy.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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