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Women in Sports - Essay Example

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The paper “Women in Sports” looks at the participation of women in the Olympics and other sports activities, which requires serious attention from the part of researchers. It is a part of common knowledge is that the participation of the ancient Olympics Games was limited to men athletes only…
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Women in Sports
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Download file to see previous pages Women participation in sports/Olympics Considering the historical background of women participation in the Olympics, it is obvious that women have enjoyed nominal representation in ancient games. As Barbara L. Drinkwater comments; “Although the modern Olympic Games actually began in 1896, women were not permitted to participate” (Drinkwater & Inthe international Federation of Sports Medicine xi). Research professionals consider Amsterdam Olympics as a special one. This Olympics achieved international attention because of its women representation. In this game, a female participant had won the gold medal in Olympics history. Betty Robinson Schwartz is considered as the first female gold winner in the Olympics. In the Amsterdam Olympics, she created a new history in track and field (Zabell). Women fol,k have faced severe discrimination from the part of authorities and male community. Historical studies prove that the patriarchal society never ready to keep the achievements of women in the Olympics and other ceremonies. In 396 B.C. Olympics, Kyniska, a Spartan princess, won an Olympic chariot race, but she is banned from accumulating her prize in person (Anthony & suffragist). The problem of social attitude towards women part he participated in some sports items contributes supplementary causes for poor female representation. In the case of boxing, it is clear that the game requires a higher level of physical fitness and it is more stereotypically supposed for men. Boxing constitutes a psychological as well a physiological pace in which tension and emotional frustrations the can be revealed through the use of ropes and corners posts (Scott & Conover 40). Lack of opportunities for women in participating sports programs plays a vital role in the process of lowering women participation in sports and games.“Furthermore, in many countries, women have scarcely any opportunity of taking a sport in their leisure time” (Drinkwater & International Federation of Sports Medicine 17). Another important thing is that society always treats the woman as secondary to man. People never ready to admit to women participation in sports. Female’s sports participation turns down more speedily with age than does that of male, and is more vulnerable to the impact of family and domestic reasons sibilities than men (Houlihan 92). Considerable changes have been remarked in the field of women participation in the Olympics. A kind of gradual development in female participation in sports events and other physical activities. In 1900 Parris Olympics two items were included for women. The period from 1976 t0 88 was recorded by active women representation in sports and games (Lam & Chang 153). After that International Olympic Council (IOC) revived its manual and ensures active female representation in sports and games without gender discrimination. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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