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How Has John Wayne Gacy Become the Killer Clown - Case Study Example

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The study "How Has John Wayne Gacy Become the Killer Clown?"  sheds light on several theories to explain the behavior of serial killer who raped and killed many young men and was close to getting away with it. each theory focuses on a certain aspect of his personality, his childhood, environment or heredity.
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How Has John Wayne Gacy Become the Killer Clown
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Extract of sample "How Has John Wayne Gacy Become the Killer Clown"

Download file to see previous pages It must be noticed that the social environment is formed on certain fundamental rules, one of which focuses on restriction actions that the majority finds unacceptable. All this resulted in the development of legal system which defines the boundaries of freedom of citizens. That is why it may be particularly important to analyze experiences of those who crossed the conventional line in order to gain a better understanding of those individuals in particular and the society in general. This paper will examine the case of John Wayne Gacy by providing an account of his life, the crimes that he committed as well as apply several theories that could explain his behavior. John Wayne Gacy – the Killer Clown
When it comes to American serial killers the figure of Gacy really stands out: on the one hand, because of the scope of his killings; on the other hand, because of the fact that he matches stereotypical depiction of a serial killer. Thus, it was proven that he is responsible for killing at least 33 young men aged 14 to 21 with many of whom he had sexual intercourse. His nickname, the Killer Clown, comes from the fact that he often appeared as a clown on fundraising events. Brief account of life of John Wayne Gacy prior to murders
John Wayne Gacy was born in 1942 in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up in a family that had many problems, including an alcoholic father who beat his son rather often. His mother used to protect the child, but no success. Gacy experienced bullying at school, several serious health conditions. Though he did not graduate from high school, he enrolled in a business college. While working as a salesperson he was engaged with a co-worker. The father of the latter owned three KFC restaurants and wanted Gacy to manage them. Despite having an almost perfect marriage, John often cheated on his wife. After he was convinced of sodomy, she divorced him. Gacy served a 10 year long sentence for sodomy. Upon release he was briefly engaged with a girl he dated in high school. He confessed to her his bisexuality and they divorced. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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