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Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Relations - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Relations” the author discusses corporations, which are considered to be unique institutions being taken to act like humans. However, in real-life, they are not humans since they lack the ability to think or feel…
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Relations
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Extract of sample "Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Relations"

Download file to see previous pages They can achieve this through proper management of their internal affairs and profitably such as fair compensation of the workers. In addition, the corporation will be fulfilling their obligation to society (Heath 2007, p. 44). This gives rise to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which makes the organizations mandated to ensure the company’s profits, fair employees compensation, provision of safe and hygienic working conditions, quality products for consumers (Heath 2001, p. 17).
Kotler and Lee (2005) define CSR as the commitment of an organization to enhance society’s well-being through discretionary business practices and the contribution of corporate resources. On the other hand, Public Relations is the management role that outlines public attitudes, defines the organization’s policies, procedures, and its interests. These are coupled with the execution of an action program so as to gain public understanding and moral acceptance (Werther & Chandler, 2006, P.52). The definition of PR reveals its two primary roles. Firstly, it influences the process of decision making in the organization that relates the shareholders’ objectives with the expectations of the public. Secondly, it facilitates effective communication with targeted audiences. Both Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Relations are interrelated, and they depend on each other having several commonalities. Most organizations set high standards for their social responsibilities but often pay the very attention to balancing their responsibilities and the internal organization’s affairs. Public Relations, therefore, plays a vital role in the organization’s decision-making process on how best to react and respond to social changes and managerial roles (Holmstrom 2004, p. 122). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Relations Assignment.
(Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Relations Assignment)
Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Relations Assignment.
“Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Relations Assignment”.
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... a company bankrupt with a no layoff policy is injustice to the investors and is accordingly unethical. Similarly, use of costly domestic sources to achieve the production would cost the investors more which is again unethical. This is neither good for the business nor the society because both are mutually linked. Does investing in Corporate Social Responsibility make a good sense for a business? Argument For CSR: Those who favor CSR claim that it boosts a company’s reputation and earns it good revenue. One way that CSR can help a company is by earning it good public relations which stand as an asset for the company. “The contemporary consumer is more aware of social, ethical and environmental issues. These issues are increasingly becoming...
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Some theorists as well as practitioners describe CSR as a form of corporate compliance with the spirit and the letter of the law; or, as a business approach that takes into account the manner in which the organization’s activities impacts upon its different stakeholders (Nehme & Wee, 2008:129). Pursuant to its legal mandate, CSR is seen as a condition where the corporation acts as a free agent of the state, to the extent that the expressed social objectives are imposed on the corporation by law (Manne & Wallich, 1972, p. 40).
On the other hand, more than just compliance with legal mandate, CSR is also thought to pertain to the corporation’s efforts above and beyond regulatory requisites, in effect finding an equilibrium betwee...
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