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Corporate Social Responsibility in Gas Industry Sector in Qatar (the case of QAPCO company) - Research Paper Example

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Corporate Social Responsibility: QAPCO Company Corporate social responsibility (CSR) or corporate citizenship involves an organization regulating itself. In this respect, the organization monitors its activities ensuring that it complies with international norms, regulations and ethical standards according to Griffin and Mahon (1997)…
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Corporate Social Responsibility in Gas Industry Sector in Qatar (the case of QAPCO company)
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Extract of sample "Corporate Social Responsibility in Gas Industry Sector in Qatar (the case of QAPCO company)"

Download file to see previous pages Yet again others may apply CRS as an engagement plan to reach a given audience as noted by Maignan and Ferrell (2001). Other reasons for engaging in corporate citizenship include: to foster good supplier relations and to overcome limitations posed by taxes and regulations. Across the world, many organizations engage in CRS activities. One organization that operates in Qatar that evidently spends some of its resources on corporate citizenship is Qatar Petrochemical Company (Qapco). This paper will discuss how the business engages in CRS and how the activities are aligned to its plans. Qatar Petrochemical Company admits to be consciousness of its role in giving back to the society. Ever since its establishment, the company has maintained a policy of giving back to the community (Qapcon, 2013). The company which is a leading producer of low density polythene, ethylene and other hydrocarbon products in the Middle East is domiciled in Qatar. The company believes that there is great value in investing in corporate social responsibility activities, especially those that target humans. Qatar Petrochemical Company engages in various CRS activities in a diverse range of fields. The company has made an impact in the health sector by partnering with the Blood Bank Unit at Hamad Medical Corporation to organize blood donation campaigns (Qapcon, 2013). The management of the company has been at the forefront in encouraging the company’s workers to donate blood and thereby help those in need. Qapco’s engagement in the sponsorship of blood donation campaigns may be aimed at attracting a positive public image that could positively impact on the organization’s performance in the local and international markets. Through such activities, the organization may receive recognitions or awards that propel it in positive light and to greater heights. While the organization spends so much in the blood donation campaigns, it probably hopes to gain nothing more than the good will of the community and society at large from the activity. Yet another activity that the company has engaged in previously as part of its corporate social responsibility is sponsoring educational institutions in various projects or activities. Some of the institutions that the company has sponsored include Qatar University, College of North Atlantic, and Omar Bin Al Khattab Educational Campus, just to mention a few (Qapcon, 2013). The company believes that by sponsoring educational institutions, students are bound to benefit by gaining the knowledge and skills that they will need to maintain the country’s path to industrial and technological advancement. In the same respect, Qapco invests in students as a strategy to ensure that it has a future employee base that is well trained, skilled, experienced and highly talented. With such a team of employees, the company is assured of continuous growth in a favourable business environment. Qapco’s investment in education related programs is dedicated to ensuring that its future is secured. By sponsoring colleges that offer courses such as engineering, the organization hopes in return to benefit in the future from a highly skilled, well trained, and experienced workforce. In this case, the organization’s focus is on building its human capital in the long run. One other activity that Qapco engages in its corporate responsibility endeavours is environmental protection ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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