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Foster Kids Need an Education Too - Research Paper Example

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This research begins with the statement that foster care refers to full-time substitute childcare by other people who are not their legal guardians, adoptive parents, biological parents outside of their homes. These children undergo among the lowest educational outcomes amongst all American youth…
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Foster Kids Need an Education Too
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Download file to see previous pages The present research has identified that the educational rights of youth in foster care are constantly violated when they are refused enrollment due to lack of correct records, fail to receive partial coursework credit prior to moving to new schools, and are disallowed from staying in their schools when they move homes. One of the most effective predictors of foster youths who have been successfully placed in foster homes is progress in their educational outcomes. Foster children who achieve success in school have a beer chance of doing well in their placement, while their chances of becoming productive citizens also increase. However, foster children who fail to succeed in school have a higher chance of being expelled, dropping out, or being placed in settings that are more restrictive. It is important to note that foster children attend school with issues that other children do not usually have, such as attending numerous schools in a single school year, being placed in different homes in a single year, lost or missing records of their educational outcomes, increased chances of expulsion or suspension, and tuition transfer. Moreover, the schools are required to attend to the foster children’s educational needs without adequate information on the exact needs, while they do not have access to multiple service providers with knowledge about their needs and strengths. Finally, where corporal punishment is used, it may be ineffective for foster children who have been physically abused. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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