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Ways Of Solving Prejudices And Biased Opinions About Homosexualists - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Ways Of Solving Prejudices And Biased Opinions About Homosexualists" discusses the including the story of Annie Proulx called “Brokeback Mountain” in the curriculum of the 12th graders. This story is based on the theme of homosexuality where the two protagonists of this story are gay…
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Ways Of Solving Prejudices And Biased Opinions About Homosexualists
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Extract of sample "Ways Of Solving Prejudices And Biased Opinions About Homosexualists"

Download file to see previous pages You also might be thinking that such subject can groom the feelings of homosexuality among the students at their adolescent age. Yet there is a stereotypical attitude about the gay or homosexual people in the minds of normal that is heterosexual people. But I assure you that this story will definitely give a new dimension to the thinking process of the students. Let me discuss with you about the topic on which the story is based on. This will definitely help those parents who have the negative attitude about homosexuality and thus are opposing for including Brokeback Mountain,” in our curriculum.
Homosexuality was previously regarded as an aberrant activity. Homosexuality according to the conservative attitude was supposed to be the activity done by the perverted people and this should not be encouraged at all. This was also supposed to be a psychological problem and it was thus enlisted in the list of mental illness of the psychologists.
Bishop John S. Spong, a retired American Bishop of Episcopal Church gave a new perspective to this subject. Spong is a liberal theologian. While telling the conservative attitude about the homosexuality Spong says, “The old definition asserts that homosexuality is a choice that evil, perverted or subhuman people make. It cannot, therefore, be tolerated. People whose depravity causes them to choose "this lifestyle" must be converted or removed lest they destroy the social order; if they are homosexual because of a mental illness, they must be cured or isolated lest they infect the health of all our citizens.” [1] In the article “Homosexual History,” Spong reveals that during the transitional period of Christianity which had just come out of the orbit of Jewism it was the idea that the holy life is celibate. The flesh was given a very mean position. In this era priests who were trying to hide their desire for homosexuality embraced priesthood.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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