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Homosexuality and the Bible - Essay Example

I have long believed that homosexuality is a sin as discussed in biblical teachings, and that barring rare instances of people with the physical characteristics of both sexes homosexuality should not be practiced. The two arguments that challenged my views were reinterpretations of biblical texts that I had thought were conclusively against homosexuality, and an appeal to the evolving message of god which can take the form of experience and communal consciousness. I am not sure that these arguments have convinced me that I am wrong, but they at very least have made me look at things differently.
One of the most striking arguments I read for this assignment was the two different interpretations of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah presented in the Johns article. In this biblical section it is clear that God hold the actions of the people in Sodom and Gomorrah to be morally reprehensible – the language is explicit and the punishment very, very clear. But I had never previously considered exactly what aspect of the passage was morally reprehensible – to me it had always been about homosexuality and nothing else. But there are, upon reading the Johns article, a wide variety of ways to interpret this text. Here the sexual relationship is not a loving and committed one, but an incredibly violent one, and I hope that if the group was coming to gang-rape a woman the reaction of god and the bible would be just as negative. What is somewhat troubling about this passage is that Lot, who is

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Homosexuality is not a sexual preference
This may often end up in doing any type of sexual or other activities and result into closeness of the persons belonging to same sex. American Psychological Association defines Sexual Orientation as “Sexual orientation refers to an enduring pattern of emotional, romantic, and/or sexual attractions to men, women, or both sexes.
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There is a lot of literature that talks about the homosexuality in the Greeks and the Romans. For example, the Emperor Nero in ancient Rome twice got married to men (Kulkarni, 2011). The Holy Books also discuss some nations that were punished for being homosexual. In the contemporary age, homosexuals are spread all over the world. Several countries have legalized homosexuality.
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Homosexuality: Unnaturally Moral
“In the depths of his conscience, man detects a law which he does not impose on himself, but which holds him to obedience. For a man has in his heart a law written by God. To obey it is the very dignity of man; according to it he will be judged.”
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Homosexuality as a Theological Issue
Currently, homosexuality is social issue, and one that draws a lot of attention from different fronts. In the recent past, there has been an increase in the number of people associating themselves with homosexuality.Due to the increase in these numbers, there has been a wave of either acceptance or denial of these people by the society.
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Sin and Homosexuality
The "new morality” of the last thirty years, however, goes much further; it demands neutrality toward competing views of homosexual moral life. Historical analysis suggests that homosexuals have not been characterized as a group until relatively recently—and even that has been a result of their own organized lobbying to be recognized as such.
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Homosexuality, prejudice, and discrimination
The other type of stereotype revolves around gays as a sinister conspiratorial threat, such as gay men who are child molesters or sex maniacs.
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Paul and homosexuality
In the articles under consideration, “ Gender and Sexuality in Biblical Interpretation” by Dale B. Martin and “Relations Natural and Unnatural: A Response to John Boswell's Exegesis of Romans I” by Richard B. Hays, the two scholars argue around this moot point.
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Bible Studies
That these stories address important social and moral issues, and because they weave the inspired Word of God into each story, is perhaps a reason as to their test of time. Whether the approach is
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Is Homosexuality a Sin
A gay is a homosexual man, whereas a lesbian is a homosexual woman (Homosexuality, 2010). There is considerable debate regarding homosexuality, and its proponents contend that it should be accorded the same moral, legal and social treatment as heterosexuality. There are
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The agenda that defines sexual freedom is also involved in trying to ensure that homosexuality is viewed normally. For this to be possible, the government has to come up with
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held in this to be moral, being saved by God, offered his own daughters for the gang-rape, but this seems to be upheld by the biblical text. This has demonstrated to me that all biblical texts can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways,
Lot not only offers his own daughters, virgins who had never had sex, up to the gang to be abused in the place of angels, but also had a drunken incestuous relationship with those two daughters. Yet he is the person that God chooses to save from Sodom. This just showed to me that what is held up as morally acceptable in the bible may not be how we in a society today view morality – anyone in any church would condemn someone offering their children up for gang-rape, or having sex with their own daughters, regardless of the circumstances, even though the bible tacitly condones this behaviour throughout its text. The Johnson article extends this communal conscience to a more fully developed and robust argument. One of his central points is that the bible, though an important resource, cannot be adhered to dogmatically at every point throughout – if one did so they would, as he said, “stone physicists and adulterers,” as the bible (Johnson). His argument that today’s arguments about homosexuality have some similarity to the arguments about the abolishment of slavery during the 19th century and before. Slavery, as Johnson says, is something that is held as okay throughout the text – many people who are supposed to be morally good and supported by God hold slaves, and no one, not even Jesus, specifically condemns the practice. But throughout the history of the world, people began to see the horrors of slavery, the damage it does to individual people, and have decided that it is something that needs to be banned, that cannot be a part of Christian life. If this process can happen, where a communal conscience develops to decide that something
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The issue of homosexuality in the church has long been an incredibly explosive one, provoking immensely strong opinions on both sides of the issue. …
Homosexuality and the Bible
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