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Strategies of the South African Government - Research Proposal Example

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In the paper “Strategies of the South African Government” the researcher identifies the different security strategies used in the previous World Cup and how it influences the stability during the event. The researcher also evaluates the current strategies used by the South African Government…
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Strategies of the South African Government
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Extract of sample "Strategies of the South African Government"

Download file to see previous pages Maslow has argued that security and safety are required by all human beings (Boeree 2006). According to the Federation Internationale de Football Association (2009), Uruguay was the first nation to host the Fifa World Cup. In 2010, South Africa would be the first African nation to host the next World Cup. But Euromonitor (2009) considers that South Africa is a country with a significant rate of insecurity that would influence the trip to South Africa. Various security strategies will have to be reviewed by the South African Government in order to implement security and safety during this big event (Republic of South Africa, 2008). To accomplish the safety of the tourists during the World Cup 2010, many South African cities have intended different security plans in order to reinforce the protective measure. (Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, 2005)
The present study attempts to focus on the analysis of different security strategies used by other countries, taking Germany as an example. In the lights of these strategies, the objective of the study is to evaluate the strategies that have been planned by the South African government for people’s safety during the big event. The security measures are definitely dependent on the number of visitors expected to come. Also, the importance of having crowd management as against a risk management plan is analyzed to ensure safety in the country during that event.
During the Cricket World Cup 2003, successful strategies were implemented by the South African Government. Using this event as an example, evaluation of strategies recommended for the Soccer World Cup. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Strategies of the South African Government Research Proposal.
(Strategies of the South African Government Research Proposal)
Strategies of the South African Government Research Proposal.
“Strategies of the South African Government Research Proposal”.
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