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Challenging Situation in a Corporate Setting - Case Study Example

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The paper "Challenging Situation in a Corporate Setting" presents that background this paper aims to discuss a specific conflict situation encountered in a corporate setting, and the one chosen by the Researcher is the one pertaining to the conflicting ideas and viewpoints among individuals…
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Challenging Situation in a Corporate Setting
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Extract of sample "Challenging Situation in a Corporate Setting"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, conflicting ideas and viewpoints about how a task is to be undertaken may also promote a challenging situation and a heightened competition that can result in better outcomes. This is the positive aspect of the mentioned conflict, which does not discount the probable negative aspect as earlier depicted. It is thus, a management duty to ascertain that conflicts are minimized and that they do not hamper the work environment. It is important to consider that people’s personalities and approaches to conflicts are significant dimensions that need consideration and the efficiency level of outcomes have a corresponding connection with the effectiveness level of performance alongside the level of stress and conflict within the organization.1
The conflict originates in circumstances and styles that individuals use when facing a disagreement.2 The manner in which people respond to the discord that contributes in defining organizational life also helps in creating the individual experience at work and shapes his responses.3 Conflict styles are generally an expression of responding to particular satiations, shaping the individual’s social environment, affecting the level of the current conflict and his corresponding experience of stress. Awareness of potential approaches and understanding of the consequences of conflict can provide a powerful set of tools with which people can shape their own work climate since an employee’s work environment is in part a product of his own making.4 A work environment with a prevalent feeling of animosity and hostility is one undesirable probable effect of conflict, and it is to this account that it must be addressed appropriately and immediately.
Conflict is an awareness of discrepancies, irreconcilable desires, and incompatible wishes by parties involved. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Challenging Situation in a Corporate Setting Case Study.
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