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Description of a General Communication Diagram - Term Paper Example

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"Description of a General Communication Diagram" paper states that seeing, watching, observing, staring may sound all the same at a glance, but they all communicate different things to different people depending upon individual differences, values, beliefs, attitudes, personality, and perception. …
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Description of a General Communication Diagram
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Extract of sample "Description of a General Communication Diagram"

Download file to see previous pages Communication as such, is a dynamic process of exchanging thoughts, ideas, information, feelings, messages, attitude or knowledge amongst two or more persons through a predefined set of symbols, icons and signs called language. The language in itself is not made of a set of units alone. It is the spaces spanned by a set of units like semantic associations with words, human behavior, group behavior, social attitudes that make language. Radio, television, print, Internet, Advertising, Public Relations form part of the communication process. Effective communication is one in which this exchange achieves the intended goals of the communicating ends. A human being communicates his message with the help of spoken words or sign language. Broadly speaking, a communication process involves;

The sender is one who intends to send across his/ her message to the target end. At the receiving end, the message is received and interpreted by the Receiver. Communication channel plays a very vital role in delivering the message. The message may comprise spoken words, body language signs, icons or symbols. Sometimes, ‘Noise’ may get embedded with the message, if the channel is not robust and reliable. A noisy message, in turn, may not communicate the intended thoughts to the receiver. Therefore great emphasis is laid on the medium as well, as Marshall McLuhan's famous aphorism goes1, the medium is the message. The medium, therefore, undergoes many variations in communicating the message to the intended user/s. In today’s information society while on the one hand communication technology has undergone many revolutionary changes, need has been felt for equally powerful changes to secure the communication from illegal and undesirable elements. This necessitated the implementation of coding techniques so that the message can be deciphered only by the intended recipient. Therefore, when the message is generated by the source, the source encoder and channel encoder form the basic building blocks at the transmitter side.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Description of a General Communication Diagram Term Paper.
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