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Norways Historical Social Work Professionalization From A Feminist Perspective - Essay Example

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This research paper explores the Norway’s Historical Social Work Professionalization From A Feminist Perspective and considering the historical position of women in this country…
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"Norways Historical Social Work Professionalization From A Feminist Perspective"

Download file to see previous pages Theoretically, the paper accounts on how masculine theories regarding professions have proved incompetency in accounting for both female and female professional projects because when effort Is highly devalued and different societal expectation of women and men are ignored. The development of post- WWII welfare made Norwegian social work to shift from the margins to move to a more central position. Though gender is still a vital dimension through which to deconstruct professional growth.
In 2010, it was the 60th anniversary that was marked by the profession in Norway in the field of social work. In 1950, the Norwegian School of governmental and Social Work planned to meet the needs of ‘infant’ welfare state that immerged immediately after the world war II. The corps emphasized that the demand of the state had risen to a whole new king of professional and continual growth was contributed in the social word related to knowledge. The remarks were made during the anniversary celebration.
The Norwegian’s social work profession focused on the formation of the social work in them field of professional work for the Norwegian women, and through this, subsequent engagement in the critical analysis of the ‘male-stream’ way social work has been hypothesized in the poetry on professions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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