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Features Of The Creating An Ethical Organizational Climate - Essay Example

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The business and organizational environment as witnessed today is very competitive and dynamic and ethical climate becomes an important phenomenon. The paper "Features Of The Creating An Ethical Organizational Climate" discusses the importance of ethics in human communication in an organization…
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Features Of The Creating An Ethical Organizational Climate
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Extract of sample "Features Of The Creating An Ethical Organizational Climate"

Features Of The Creating An Ethical Organizational Climate
The business and organizational environment as witnessed today is very competitive and dynamic and as such, ethical climate becomes an important phenomenon. Ethical climate can be understood well as being an organization’s climate. Through critical analysis, the ethical environment is likewise comparable to a tribal setting where there are unique beliefs, language and power structure. In this regard, recent days has witnessed various arguments whether or not the organization can change its core values and purpose (Schein, 2010).
One can argue that core value and purpose statement within the organization can be changed as long as there are a will and leadership to initiate that change. Core values and purpose are known to support the vision and mission of the organization, shape and reflect organizational culture (Zaccaro & Klimoski, 2001) Through proper leadership, the change is obviously a reality. Core values, for instance, are the quintessence of the organization’s identity – the beliefs or philosophy and principles of values. Besides, Core values are the initial component of core ideology that is easily incorporable into the entire organization and to each through effective leadership (Whiteley & Whiteley, 2007). 
As a conclusion, the argument that any organization can change everything part from its purpose and core values is rooted in the fact that many organizations focus mostly on the existing technical competencies. The reality is that these organizations overlook what are the fundamental competencies responsible for their organization to run smoothly otherwise known as core values and purpose. Establishing strong purpose statement or core values is easily initiated by leadership to provide the organization with both for external and advantages.
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