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Ethics Exam 2 - Article Example

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The difference between right and wrong often becomes evident through the ramifications of the events or situations. Ethics seeks to protect both…
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Download file to see previous pages I begin by defining such basic concepts as good and evil thereby making a decision based on my understanding of the two.
As explained, ethics seeks to minimize harm. As such, I often define evil as any action that is likely to cause harm to others. Good, on the other hand, is an action that promises to safeguard the peace, safety and the moral fabric of the society. In analyzing the impacts that a situation or an action may have on the society, I begin by placing myself at the center of the action. This way, I feel the dilemma that one feels before making a decision and understand how any victim of such actions would feel. This way, I make a decision on whether a situation is ethical or not depending on how it affects the people. A situation becomes unethical when it harms or even threatens other members of the society. An ethical action is one that does not injure anyone.
An injury in this context implies to both physical and psychological torments (Badiou 67). An abuse, for example, causes a psychological torment to the society. As such, one acts unethically if he or she abuses others in public. The same is the case with a fight, barbaric aggression or even theft since such acts cause physical injuries to the victims and loss of valuables. My thought process considers the social and cultural values. An ethical action preserves the social values while an unethical action violates the values thereby disrupting the social fabric.
Moral leadership requires the leader to serve others and in the process lead them towards achieving a particular goal. Moral leaders strive to set perfect examples to their subjects. This way, such leaders persuade and influence the others by making them aspire to achieve the same levels of integrity. Personal integrity is an important feature that enhances the success of a moral leader. Such leaders must prove that they are trustworthy by adhering to the rules that guide their operations at the institution. A ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethics Exam 2 Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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