Morality and the Good Life - Ethics - Essay Example

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This paper under the headline 'Morality and the Good Life - Ethics" focuses on the fact that, in general, human relations and interactions are only sustainable with defined rules and conducts. Ethics are systems of accepted code of conduct within a given society. …
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Morality and the Good Life - Ethics
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Ethics are deeply rooted in human behaviour and therefore it is difficult to change people’s behaviour without altering the ethics of an organization. Ethics acts as rules that give the difference between right and wrong. The desire to act according to the expectations of a certain society makes people consider having the right code of ethics. Each member of a given society has the obligation to improve the welfare of the organization. Such obligations and expectations, define the responsibility of each member of society. Ethics define the rules of a given society while responsibilities define the expectations of each member of the society according to its ethics (Solomon, 1984). Ethics are implemented through responsibilities and this makes them useful to society.
The issue of national security versus individual privacy is a current issue that can be resolved adequately through ethics and responsibility. Although the federal government has a responsibility of ensuring national security, it is unethical for those endowed with this responsibility to invade personal privacy. This indicates that within an organization, people have a role to implement ethics through responsibilities or obligation. All ethics within a given society require responsibilities however, not all responsibilities are ethical.
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(Morality and the Good Life - Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 290 Words)
Morality and the Good Life - Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 290 Words.
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